Preview of a Review

One of the things I am hoping to accomplish with this blog is product reviews of new and old football card releases. My wife and I are currently in house-hunt mode, so that means we are also in penny-pincher mode. So while I am not able to drop top dollar to buy and review the latest and greatest football products, I am going to focus on some older sets.

I have just bought a very cheap box of 1996 Playoff Contenders Trophy from eBay and am hoping it arrives in a few days. I do not have any Emmitt Smith cards from this set, so I’m hoping I will have some success in that department as well. I am also currently the highest bidder on two other hobby boxes from the late ’90s, so hopefully those will be headed my way soon as well (although I do not plan to increase my current max bid to ensure this happens).

So be on the lookout for the first product review here at First and Goal in the next week. Hopefully it will be only the beginning of a long list of product reviews in the future…


One Response to Preview of a Review

  1. jswaykos says:

    I LOVE busting old wax bought off ebay and from my local card shop. It’s fun to find myself hoping for inserts that today are worthless but 15 years ago were highly sought after!

    Also – thanks for reading my site (Priceless Pursuit). I’ve added a link to your site from my blogroll.

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