Photography Issues

I will throw out a little disclaimer for this post. I am not the first person to complain about this and I will certainly not be the last. But here are my two cents:

Why is it that card companies can no longer use multiple photographs of players? Is it really that difficult? I can easily cut out players from photos to put onto a graphic background, and I am not a graphic designer by trade. This is not rocket science, guys. Take these two cards from my personal collection as examples. The one featured on the left is Emmitt’s 1999 Flair Showcase #88. It contains two great action shots on the front alone, while still incorporating some great reflective design work. Then you have 2008 Donruss Classics. This player shot is not the worst, but what bugs me is that 2008 Donruss Classics features 44 Emmitt Smith cards/inserts/parallels…and every single one has the exact same photograph. WTF? And we will not even get into the rather mundane design elements.

Click images above for full sized scans.

Another example of card companies getting lazy is the recycling of photographs. The card on the left is Emmitt’s 2007 Topps Co-Signers base card. When I first pulled this from a pack, I thought it was a nice looking card. Then I found out that Topps had used the exact same image more than a decade ago for this 1994 League Leader subset card. I realize Emmitt was retired by the time ’07 Co-Signers went into production, but they couldn’t find any shots of Emmitt they hadn’t already used? The man is one of the greatest and most popular running backs of all time, surely there are decent pics out there that haven’t been featured on a card yet.

Hopefully we will see future card releases show a little more creativity in design AND photograhy. At least Upper Deck’s flagship release has great photography. Now let’s get the rest of the year’s releases on board.


2 Responses to Photography Issues

  1. jswaykos says:

    What drives me crazy these days are the millions of different “spin off” sets… I can’t tell what’s what any more! Not that I give a (darn) about book value, but I do like rookies and shiny inserts, so when I check Beckett to see who’s in what sets, half the time I don’t know where to look! Oh well… I’ll stick to buying and packs and getting what I get!

  2. CPAdave says:

    I can relate to those feelings. I already have plans for a post similar to that topic. I hate how parallel sets have become so numerous today and yet don’t look much different from the base set. What happened to just doing silver, gold and platinum parallels?

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